Lossless ($LSS) Token

$LSS forms an integral part of the Lossless cybersecurity protocol, ensuring the integrity of our stake-based reporting system, stable project governance, and exclusive access to Lossless promotions.

$LSS is an ERC-20 Standard token, designed to facilitate smooth functioning of the Lossless protocol and reward active community members

$LSS Token utility and use cases include:

Report Generation

Finders stake $LSS to participate in exploit spotting, generating reports on transactions they suspect originate from suspicious activity. Addresses of allegedly malicious actors are then frozen for 24-48 hours.

Community Staking

Community Stakers may stake $LSS on top of reports they deem credible. By expressing their vote of confidence, Community Stakers increase the report’s visibility.

Reward Distribution

Lossless Decision-Making Body resolves open reports. Recovered funds are subject to a 7% fee, used to purchase $LSS and distribute rewards to Finders and Community Stakers.

The Lossless Token

Price 24h



Token type:


Total Supply:

100,000,000 LSS

Circulating Supply:



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