Restoring Trust in Web3 Security

Lossless incorporates a new layer of blockchain transaction security, protecting selected projects and their communities from malicious exploits and the associated financial loss.

Supported chains

Binance Smart Chain

Protected Contracts


Scanned Transactions

3+ Billion

Leaders in Web3 security

Adding layers of protection to your on-chain infrastructure is easy with Lossless Protocol and Aegis.

We provide customizable end-to-end solutions for exploit monitoring, prevention and mitigation.


Proactive Web3 Security.

Lossless Aegis provides industry-leading threat monitoring and smart contract defence capabilities, designed to prevent exploits before they happen.


Lossless Protocol

Industry’s first framework for active exploit mitigation.

Lossless platform facilitates manual and automatic community-driven monitoring of suspicious on-chain activity. Malicious token transactions are frozen after being flagged and are subject to further investigation.

Lossless Protocol

Reinforce your protocol security

Lossless Protocol provides on-chain fail-safes for your token contracts and mitigation tools while Aegis provides real-time monitoring of all your mission critical contracts.

Seamless LERC-20 standard integration

Automated real-time freezing of suspicious transactions

Efficient and evidence-based resolution mechanism

Timely recovery of stolen funds

Fees only charged on prevented financial loss

Advanced exploit identification and mitigation tools

LERC-20 Token Standard

The technology behind Lossless Protocol


LERC-20 is a unique extension of the widely-known and trusted ERC-20 standard. The methods and interface are fully compatible with all DeFi primitives.


Adoption of the LERC-20 standard enhances token security architecture without compromising prior integrations or disrupting existing workflows.

Lossless Community

Join our global community of professional white-hat hackers, token creators and security enthusiasts, united in their pursuit to rid the industry of malicious actors.

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