Contribute to Web3 Security

Discover developer tools, components, and integration guides you need to get started with the Lossless Protocol. Learn more about Lossless integration and make a meaningful contribution to the future of Web3 security framework.


Our documentation provides an up-to-date snapshot of Lossless features, use cases, integration details, and the technical tools that simplify the development process.


Our whitepaper reviews the types of exploits Lossless was created to mitigate, detailing the project’s unique architecture, $LSS token utility, and our vision for a more mature Web3 future.


Our industry leading monitoring tool for all your critical on-chain infrastructure. No code implementation with just a few clicks to track all relevant on-chain events.


Our Github serves as the repository for Lossless smart contracts, where everyone is welcome to make contributions to our open-source code.

Open Developer Roles

Lossless is looking for developers with solid smart contract proficiency, strong technical ownership, a firm grasp of financial concepts, and a keen desire to put a stop to Web3 exploits.

Bug Bounty Program

Lossless is offering a reward of up to $50,000 to anyone who reports a high severity bug in the protocol’s core contracts. If you spot a security vulnerability, please submit a report to claim your bounty.

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